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Exo Mindset is a Software Engineering firm with nearshore offices in Argentina and Mexico

We create incredible products using cutting-edge technologies, becoming long-term partners of our clients.

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Our technology stack

Our team knows different technological tools. This graph shows how knowledge is distributed in different technologies.
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Our clients

Trust is the key to long-term partnerships

Our services

Mobile development

 Amazing mobile apps 

We create mobile applications that use Android, native IOS (Swift & Objective C) and also React Native & Flutter.

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Front-end development

UX experts

Our UX / UI engineers create applications focused on the user, the experience and the interactions of the user. Our front-end engineers specialize in React, Angular, and VueJS, among other modern web frameworks.

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Cloud services + Culture

Our team helps you automate and monitor your product development and deployment cycle.

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Backend development

We create high-performance  backends

We will develop your product with different languages, our main experience is with: PHP, Groovy, Java, Python, NodeJS, .NET among others.

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Software engineering team
The best teams deliver the best products


Matias is a software engineer with a great ability to acquire new technologies. He possesses excellent soft skills that allow him to work smoothly in high demand situations and face challenges with great motivation. At a technological level, it handles both Back (Java, Node) and Front (Angular, React) and mobile (Ionic) technologies. At the Platform level, it has had the possibility of developing on the ERP JDEdwards, and the e-commerce Magento 2.3.


Armando is a full-stack software developer and Tech Lead, with a multilingual background highlighting extensive experience with Java and distributed microservices architectures. He is also experienced in Angular and other Javascript frameworks. Something for Highling is that it has had no problem working with languages ​​like .Net, which indicates its high flexibility and learning ability. He has 11 years of experience.  


Fausto is a full-stack software developer, with experience in several languages, highlighting extensive experience with distributed microservices architectures, Node, Angular and React. He has 4 years of experience.


Mateo is a Full-Stack Developer (Front-End and Back-End) who really wants to work, giving his best in every project he touches. Being persistent, proactive and self-taught are innate characteristics of him. You have a lot of experience with JavaScript frameworks, such as Angular, ReactJS, React Native, and NodeJS.

Our experience

Real estate and hospitality

We have built showrooms and real estate platforms for the hospitality industry.

Logistics and Transportation

We have experience in creating applications for transportation and logistics.


Websites, mobile applications, social networks, games, instant messaging tools are some of the tools that we have built during the last years.

E-commerce and retail

We understand the retail industry and how to create tools to help businesses sell online, sync ERPs with online stores, maintain pricing consistency, and more.


We have experience working with electronic wallets, banking applications, among others.

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